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Fruit Fly Control

A particular kind of fly that is common in the US is the fruit fly, which frequently infests homes that have ripe, rotting, or decayed fruit and produce inside, particularly in kitchens and other places where food is kept.

Fruit fly infestations of rotting or fermented fruits and vegetables are common, as their name suggests. Fruit flies, on the other hand, prefer to congregate near trash cans, garbage disposals, drains, and other areas where there is dirt or food.

After they have infiltrated your home, fruit flies can be difficult to remove and have the ability to rapidly deteriorate food by depositing their eggs on it. Flies like to settle down in any kitchen, regardless of the circumstances, and they tend to stay longer than we would like. So, it is essential to contact exterminators as soon as possible, if you need fruit fly control.

Once they enter your home, fruit flies can be a major nuisance that can be challenging to eradicate. They can be found year-round indoors and are renowned for their quick reproduction rate. Fruit flies can live for 25 to 30 days, depending on the environment.

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies?
Fruit Fly Control

It is challenging to determine their origins due to their size and rapid reproduction. Since eliminating fruit flies’ breeding grounds is the most efficient method of doing so, getting rid of them can also be quite difficult.

What’s the Source of Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies derive their name from their inclination to reproduce under the surface of rotting fruit.

Their small size makes it easy for them to get into the house through gaps and screens and get into any fruit or other food that you may have lying around. Even though their name implies that they are fruit flies, they are drawn to nearly anything that involves food. This covers spilled vinegar and soda.

Additionally, fruit flies adore using drains for reproduction. Fruit flies may find your house or building especially alluring if your drains haven’t been cleaned in a while. Fruit fly females who are adults can deposit up to 500 eggs at once. The eggs hatch in about 30 hours, so things can get worse very quickly with an infestation.

Fruit flies reach 3 to 4 millimeters long and are usually brown or tan in color. Their eyes are typically red, their thorax is tan, and their abdomen is black and grey. Fruit flies are tiny, oval-shaped insects with six legs and antennae.

Do Fruit Flies Pose a Threat?

The fruit fly has no teeth that can bite, and it prefers to eat fermented fruit rather than blood. Thus, even in populations of several thousand, these flies do not bite. However, there is a chance that food will become contaminated with bacteria and other pathogens in addition to the annoyance of fruit flies.

Germs can spread from a dirty surface to a clean one through fruit flies. Among the bacteria they might carry are E. Coli, salmonella, and listeria. Furthermore, all three of these microorganisms have the potential to cause food poisoning.

It’s imperative to wash your hands after handling fruit flies. Additionally, it would help if you refrained from using your hands to kill them. In addition, make sure to give fruits and vegetables a thorough rinse if they are left outside without any protection.

Is It Possible to Exterminate Fruit Flies?

With a few steps, you can get rid of fruit flies and stop further infestations. It takes time and effort to keep your house fruit fly-free; it is not a quick fix.

Discover the source. It should be mentioned that, despite their name, fruit fries are not limited to just fruit. Other products, like an onion left in a cabinet or a bag of potatoes that isn’t paid attention to, can also be the source of an infestation.

Empty your trash cans. Normally we wait until they are full, but in the summer it’s a good idea to clean them every day. Specifically, it is important to routinely clean compost bins and any other bin that holds food waste.

You can lessen the number of fruit fly breeding grounds and offensive kitchen odors by emptying and cleaning them every day. In this manner, you’ll also lower the danger of other pests.

Close and sanitize the drains. Drain flies, also known as sewer gnats, are another pest that can be mistaken for fruit flies due to their striking similarity. Deep cleaning of the drain can be done with bleach, drain cleaner, or a homemade mixture like vinegar and baking soda.

Ripe fruit should be cleaned and chilled. As we’ve already mentioned, fruit flies frequently enter your home through the fruit you purchase. Thus, wash the fruit as soon as you bring it home. As an alternative, you could refrigerate it or store it in an airtight container or a sanitized fruit bowl.

After thoroughly cleaning your kitchen and eliminating any potential breeding grounds, you’ll need to set a trap to ensure that none of these insects remain buzzing around.

Add a small amount of dishwashing liquid, some chopped ripe fruit like bananas or grapes, and apple cider vinegar to a few small containers. Use a toothpick to make a few holes in the cling film that covers the containers.

If cling film is not available, you can also cover the containers by rolling a piece of paper into a funnel. These traps should ideally let fruit flies enter but keep them out. Scatter a few of these throughout the kitchen for a few days to get rid of any remaining flies. Since vinegar evaporates over time, top it off as soon as you see that it’s getting low.

What is the Best Pest Control for Fruit Flies?

Bring in the extermination experts. They can examine your house, find fruit fly breeding grounds, and design a fruit fly removal strategy.

You can contact a professional pest extermination company if fruit flies manage to take over your home. Certain pest control companies use cutting-edge techniques that are more potent than what you could purchase at the store or use at home.

Professional options and services are advised for the majority of fruit fly infestation types because it’s a quick fix for these problems.

Titan Pest Services for Fruit Fly Treatment

If you already have a fruit fly infestation, Titan Pest Services is the best option for treatment and prevention. Even with the abundance of do-it-yourself techniques available, the fruit fly infestation will persist if the breeding site is not properly eliminated. Finding their breeding ground is the most important step in any successful removal, and Titan experts can assist you in locating the fruit fly infestation.

Our technicians have been trained for years to identify fruit flies, locate infestation areas, and identify points of entry into your home. We can search your house and grounds for entry points and breeding grounds. By using an integrated approach to pest management, we can reduce the number of chemical treatments required for effective pest control.

We’ll determine the best course of action for your family, pets, and house. After that, we’ll collaborate with you to determine the best strategy for keeping fruit flies away so that fewer treatments are required. Don’t hesitate to call us!