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Titan Pest Services is a full-service family owned and operated pest control company Headquartered in Closter, New Jersey.

We specialize in all areas of pest management. Our clientele ranges from single family homes, residential condo complexes, luxury hotels, Property management corporations, athletic stadiums, airports, food establishments and more. We operate in Northern New Jersey, Rockland County and New York City. 

Founded in 2007 by owners Rosemary, Ralph and Frank Sculco, graduates of Fordham University and Manhattan. In the beginning we concentrated primarily on getting commercial clients (i.e. restaurants, hotels, office buildings and manufacturing facilities) in Manhattan and Brooklyn NY.

Our goal was to build a portfolio of recurring service contracts with this client base by becoming experts in the field of commercial pest management and building an excellent reputation. 

Our first clients were very challenging. They were primarily in the hospitality industry with business owners that had pretty much given up searching for a solution or finding a professional to control their pest control issues.

Through our contacts and networking our reputation as problem solvers grew throughout our company’s footprint. Professionals in their respective industries began calling us primarily by word of mouth alone, and our clients quickly found out about our approach to effective pest control through facilities management.  

proudly family owned

Our reputation started to grow and so did our customer base, which includes but is not limited to, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Hospitality and Animal Wildlife.  

If you are truly in search of a one stop shop for all of your pest control issues feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss your issues and to plan an effective approach to eliminating your issues and concerns. 

The city is a plethora of commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels situated above a maze of active and abandoned tunnels and let’s not forget all these commercial businesses leaving their garbage on the sidewalk in the evening hours.

This mixture of food and harborage is an ideal environment for pests to flourish. If we could learn to control pests in New York City, we could do it anywhere.

This is exactly what we did. Through hard work, and sheer desire we were able to solve some of the most challenging pest control issues in the city.

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