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There’s a lot to love about squirrels. Their big bushy tails. Their impressive acrobatics jumping from branch to branch or skittering across a telephone wire. The eager enthusiasm as they dart around the yard looking for a nut. Yes, a squirrel can be a cute and friendly little animal to see playing in your yard. That is until a squirrel has decided to stay somewhere you don’t want them to be. When that happens, you realize very quickly that squirrels can be a menace.

Some big issues with squirrels stem from the fact that squirrels are technically rodents. That gives them a lot of the same problems as mice and rats. They can be vectors of diseases, especially if they get inside a home. They have constantly growing incisors that require them to gnaw regularly. This can lead to serious damage to trees, gardens, and in some cases, homes. Worst of all, they can reproduce very quickly. A single squirrel getting into your attic can lead to an infestation.

Squirrels can be a particular menace to anyone concerned with the appearance of their landscaping. Feeders set out to attract bright and colorful birds to your yard are a notorious target for squirrels. Making sure any feeders you put out are inaccessible to squirrels is essential to prevent them from eating all of the seeds. Gardens are also an attractive target for squirrels. The plants in them are a wonderful food source. Be sure to plant squirrel repelling flowers, like daffodils or hyacinths, in your garden to keep them away. Displaying statues of predators such as owls can also do the trick. 

If squirrels have gotten to the point where they’ve become a menace to your garden or, god forbid, your home, do not handle them yourself. Squirrels are rodents. They are just as capable of painful bites as rats and mice. Removing squirrels safely and relocating them is a job for a professional. After all, not wanting a squirrel terrorizing your home and garden doesn’t mean you need to hurt the cute little things.

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