If it seems like flies are everywhere, that’s because they are. Flies are found at basically every location on the planet. The housefly in particular evolved just to be near us. Anywhere humans can live, chances are there is a fly living there with them. Whether they be a pesky nuisance buzzing in your ear, or a disgusting pest infecting your food, it’s likely that at some point you will have to contend with these distasteful housemates.

Getting Rid of Flies?

In nature, flies are some of the best pollinators in nature, second only to bees. There are evren places in the world where flies are the primary pollinators. Like bees, that’s because flies feed on the nectar flowers create. Unlike bees, however, flies are much less discerning than bees. A fly is just as happy, if not happier, to eat a rotten piece of fruit or meat that’s been left out inside your home. In fact considering the warm temperatures and reduced risk of predators in a human home, flies may be happier inside than out.

Flies are a remarkably durable species. Although they are one of the most frequent prey insects in nature, they have proven to be remarkably durable. Biological control measures, like spiders simply can’t keep up with the fly’s birth rate. The flies’ unique eyes give it an incredible ability to detect incoming swats and easily avoid them. Chemicals can work, but need to be used in doses and amounts that will require professional assistance for most households.

Flies are notorious disease vectors. Some kinds of flies have been known to be opportunistic blood drinkers. Virtually any blood drinking insect carries the risk of disease transmission. Far more likely, however, is the threat of cross contamination. To put it bluntly, flies are gross. Flies commonly carry bacteria from rotting food and carry it to otherwise edible food. The risk of salmonella from a fly infestation is high.

Dealing with flies is a nuisance humans all across the world have to contend with. You’re going to have the occasional fly in your home. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously. A nuisance left untreated can become a serious problem very quickly.