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No pest is a bigger source of frustration than a clever one. Keeping any other kind of pest out is usually just a matter of doing the same thing regularly. Spray outside your home. Make sure all doors and windows seal, and keep them closed when you can. Mow your lawn. Hang your birdfeeder where only birds can get into it. And if all else fails, you can rest easy that removing the offending animal should end the problem. But a clever pest will find new ways to be a nuisance. New ways to knock over your trash cans. Exploit new weaknesses in your fence. Adapt to scare tactics, like statues or lights. And what creature is more clever than a fox?

Foxes are opportunistic hunters and scavengers. That makes them a threat to birds you would otherwise leave alone, pets, and even small children under the wrong circumstances. A fox is just as happy to eat your chihuahua as it is your trash. Fox are also one of the few species that saves food for later. That means foxes hunt even when they’re not hungry. Fortunately, foxes are also lazy. Simple supervision of your pets or children when playing in an area foxes frequent is enough to keep them safe. What is not safe is your trash cans. Unsecured trash cans in a fox’s territory will be used as a food source.

Keeping foxes out of your yard can be a real pain. Any deterrents you use will need to be changed or shuffled around regularly to prevent the fox from adjusting to them. Foxes are clever. Easily predictable deterrents will not stop them. Relocating a fox without setting up any deterrents is an exercise in futility. When one fox is removed from its territory, another fox will take over that territory. It is better and more productive to figure out how to deter a fox. A pest control expert can advise you on that subject.

A fox in your yard, however, is likely only a nuisance. They are disease vectors, but their associations with human beings are limited. They likely won’t spend enough time around you to spread a disease to you. Attacks on humans, although possible, are incredibly rare. Damage to your home is unlikely. But that doesn’t mean that you have to let a fox stay. They are a noisy neighbor you shouldn’t be afraid to evict.

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